Why use our sales videos?

More and more sellers and consignors are utilizing sales videos - why aren't you? This sales season, make sure your horse stands out from the crowd. Whether selling a horse at public auction or privately online, professional photos & videos can make all the difference. And don't settle for cell phone or cookie-cutter videos - we offer better footage, better branding, & better customization!

what do our customers say about our sales videos?

“Definitely the best quality videos of our horses we ever purchased.” – A.S.

“This is by far the best thing I ever did in selling horses. Using your services has made me a lot of money!” – A.L.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with your work, and you were just wonderful to work with.” – J.C.

“Your videos gave me the confidence to purchase the horse when I couldn’t be there in person. Without the quality of your videos, I definitely would not have bought the horse.” – B.W.

“It’s not enough to hire a company who just sends out someone to operate a camera; you have to have someone like Jennifer who also knows horses. It makes all the difference in understanding how to show them to their best advantage.” – T.C.

What We Do: Make them look fabulous!



To attract buyers' attention, you have to present your horse to its best advantage, and stand out from the crowd. Think it's not worth paying someone for outstanding photos and videos? First, it may be cheaper than you think. And secondly, if it makes the difference in a successful sale, you can't afford not to. From foals and yearlings to mares and stallions, we make them all look like a million bucks.

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Sport Horses


 Too often buyers choose not to pursue a likely prospect simply because of an uninspiring description, unflattering photos, and/or poor videos. If the seller doesn't appear to care enough to put together a well-made advertisement for a horse, why should potential buyers spend their time or money? Please, stop chasing your horse around the field, turn off the smartphone camera and call us.

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Farms, Companies & Organizations


Want to attract more customers or educate consumers about a new product or service? It's time to stand out from the crowd, and having a video you can share on your website and social media is the way to go. Let us help create a unique video to tell the world about what you do, because we specialize in developing a video from concept to conclusion with fantastic features for a surprisingly reasonable cost. 

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Real Estate Videography


  Do you have a real estate listing and really want to make an impact with potential buyers? There’s just one word to know: VIDEO. We’re talking about dramatic interior and exterior footage crafted into a digital story that sells not only the physical property, but also the emotion of living there. From open land to multi-million-dollar farms, we know how to highlight what horse lovers are looking for in real estate, and we make it all surprisingly affordable.

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